Lights are a highly important component of a Dj’s performance and there’s so many options in the market that selecting the best dj lights can be daunting task.

Unless you want to create a special mood and take the entire experience in your own hands, you’re going to have to look into special lighting.

Investing in strobes and other FX will assure a holistic approach if you’re as well looking forward to working at a wedding and special occasions, and no necessarily concentrate on the music exclusively.

This approach has a rather entrepreneur-ish perspective to it. 

There are a large amount of companies to choose from in the lighting perspective. Some are more famous than the others, and most of the times it’s justified.


If you are in a hurry these are our TOP Picks for the best DJ lights:

There are brands that sell replicas or copied types of lights as the sharks on the market, but normally these products are of lower quality, and you will most probably encounter a myriad of issues which will interfere with the lifespan of your light and your enjoyment of the product you paid for.

This is one reason why shopping for cheaper equipment, is almost always never better. Low quality products usually tend to break very easily especially in the light domain.

You wouldn’t want to have to deal with breakage during a performance, would you? If you invest in inexpensive, even cheap lights, don’t be amazed when you see your money falling apart shortly after.

Before you decide to put your money on the table, there’s going to be some questions you need to answer, in order to properly assess your needs and your budget subsequently.

Best DJ Lights


The Adkins LED Wireless System is a piece of professional-grade equipment that will make every party as wild as it gets. Does it cost a lot? It sure does, but what you’re getting is more than worth it!

Let’s take look at the massive package: you are getting a total of 9 Battery Powered Wireless Up-Lights that are piloted using a wireless DMX Controller, all packaged in a durable and strong flight-case!

The gear can also be utilized with a Smart Phone for some quick changes on the go. As with most wireless-systems, you have to remember to charge everything up before using it, but with its 16 hours of work time, you should be able to go through any party or wedding without any problems.

It should be mentioned that when utilized with multiple colors and features at once, its working time drops drastically. It will still last you more than 5 hours, but if you can work around it, you should be good.

  • Price to Value Ratio   90%
  • Overall Quality 98%
  • Versatility 100%
  • Easy to Set up
  • Very ample effects
  • Fan cooled, but isn’t noisy at all Long Beam
  • Sound sensitivity could use a more precise sync UV wash a little weak

Best DJ Lights Under $300:

This is an affordable 4-in-1 LED that is a combination of a Red, Green, Blue, White derby, and a Red, Green, and Blue + Ultraviolet wash, and a ring of white SMD strobes.

Given the fact that it contains all of the above mentioned types of lighting, it makes it a very versatile and universal piece of equipment.

The light profile is highly malleable via DMX and Master/Slave modes, and very easy to use due to the improved menu structure.

Quick set up with automatic and sound-activated programs.
  • Price to Value Ratio 92%
  • Overall Quality 90%
  • Versatility 96%
  • Easy to Set up
  • Very ample effects
  • Fan cooled, but isn’t noisy at all Long Beam
  • Sound sensitivity could use a more precise sync UV wash a little weak

The DragonX 4 just as most high-quality products on the market do not heat. As well their cooling system does not emit too much noise, which is another “off the bat” benefit.

This piece of hardware is easy to transport and set up. They’ve been cleverly designed so that moving them into venues stays off the issue list. It only takes a few minutes to assemble and disassemble.

The DragonX 4 Bar features 10+ pre-programmed built in scenes. The lights are easy to control with pedals within the performance.

They are as well compatible with Chauvet light system that we’ve spoken of previously.

  • Price to Value Ratio 88%
  • Overall Quality 92%
  • Versatility 89%
  • Easy to Set up
  • Stay cool after long hours Compatible with other light systems
  • Only includes wash lights

Best DJ Lights Under $200:

These lights work great and are of a fantastic value compared to the bigger brands such as Chauvet, etc.

This particular light is four colors (Red, Blue, Green, White). The moving heads use four single colored LEDs. The pattern of the light is a block of 4 squares each of a different color.

Although they are tiny, they have an amazing stream of light to them.

  • Price to Value Ratio 94%
  • Overall Quality 84%
  • Versatility 84%
  • Very cheap
  • Stay cool after long hours
  • Prone to damage

Best DJ Lights Under $100:

This Chauvet product is very bright and, just as most of the more expensive and/or contemporary lights, is easy to setup. To use them properly, it would be best if you used at least a five channel controller to take profit of all of the features it can deliver.

However, this handy wash is easily commanded in three- or seven- channel of DMX mode.

SlimPAR 64 contains 180 RGB LEDs in a thin casing that doesn’t demand too much space at all. For added ease, it also offers motionless colors and color mixing with or without a DMX controller, and the power linking simplifies the set up process.

  • Price to Value Ratio 92%
  • Overall Quality 92%
  • Versatility 90%
  • Works well with big venues
  • Compact design
  • Requires regular tuning

Suny Party Light is a great laser light system spark up your party and your venue with a large variety of beautiful patterns.

This particular piece of gear as well works best with smaller venues, rather than big clubs, although you shouldn’t immediately throw it out of the equation.

You can easily switch between modes, patterns, and different color palettes by the use of a single button. Even the light will dance following the music. This is a very basic tool that you might not need on all occasions, however, at times, you’ll find it very necessary, depending on the type of party and atmosphere.

Reviewers have noted the high quality and resolution of the figures displayed in the patterns and clear and strong beams of light. The Suny Green Blue Laser is an incredibly budget friendly piece of hardware.

  • Price to Value Ratio 92%
  • Overall Quality 86%
  • Versatility 79%
  • Easy to Set up
  • Powerful lights and high resolution images Stays cool after long hours
  • Fragile casing

Best DJ Lights Under $50:

The Roxant Pro LED strobe light has 24 intensely bright LED lights in comparison to the usual 21, featured on most of the products on the market.

A very compact, yet powerful tool ready to be used right out of the box. Highly suitable for DJs, it can as well be used for stage lighting, party lights, and other occasions as well.

The Pulse Strobe delivers a 50,000 hour lifespan, and they can easily work all night long, they aren’t prone to overheating, and they stay cool to the touch throughout the performance.

The flash rate can be controlled by a speed knob. It is designed for reduced power consumption, and given its lightweight casing, they are very comfortable for transportation, in case you’re a DJ that migrates from venue to venue very often.

  • Price to Value Ratio 96%
  • Overall Quality 90%
  • Versatility 80%
  • Easy to Set up
  • Very powerful for its size
  • Doesn’t heat, even after long hours
  • Some report that it isn’t suitable for bigger venues, and deliver maximum performance at small to medium area


What type of spaces and events will you be working with?

What type of mood do I want to create?

Do I want to excite people?

Does the mood have to be mysterious or solemn?

Will I be working indoors or outdoors, maybe both?

How much power will I need to have my lighting work properly?

Will I have access to AC power and how many sockets will there be available?

Will the spaces I’ll be working with have their personal lights?

Who will be responsible for handling setup and controls?

Will I be programming setups?


The main reason you’d of use stage lights if you’re a DJ in the first place is to show the audience what in your vision should have been happening in case the music played was played by an orchestra/ band/ artist, and so forth.

Because Dj’s are usually unseen within their performance, and they are normally concentrated on the decks and the mixer, it’s not very frequent that they actually have a very engaging act with the crowd.

So it is important that the light projects the emotions that the music intends to convey.

Create a mood

One of the important uses of stage lighting is to maneuver the audiences emotions. A DJ set with no lights involved tends to be bland. Lights are an important asset when the light engineer wants to project three-dimensional elements on stage using two-dimensional objects.

Many high-end clubs have construed entire installations and concepts behind lights, and are able to shape the entire mood, idea, and philosophy behind a certain party. Some examples would be ARMA17, Tresor, and Berghain.

Best DJ Lights


Another crucial function of lighting is to channel the attention of the crowd to one area or and to direct their focus away from another spot. Many artists like Aphex Twin, for example, totally distract the audiences attention from himself, instead of creating a special atmosphere with high-end lighting and live video installations.

This is generally achieved by exposing and accenting the areas that are supposed to be highlighted in bright light and applying rather dimmer light on the areas that the audience has to be distracted from.

Sometimes, removing light totally can also be an option.

Types of Lighting Effects

There are different DJ lighting effects on the market, and the classes of lights haven’t really changed that much for the last 10 to 15 years.

Derby lights are an interesting and accessible way to bring some life and action in your show. This type of equipment can disperse bright beams through an entire area.

Some Derby lights on the market nowadays can multitask and perform different fx like black light, strobes, automatized programs, and sound triggered patterns. If you’re looking for an impressive light that does different types of effects, derby lights are a choice that will definitely satisfy your needs.

Strobes and lasers have pretty much become more present and accessible in terms of price in recent years. Stobe lights utilize a pulsing light beam. They generate a pulsating effect that can be applied in a great number of ways.

Lasers create a powerful color beam. They often have incorporated display programs, and some are sound triggered, so you’ll have a nice sync with the music.

Top tier laser lights can even generate 3D effects and a wide array of other intense fx. Lasers should be coupled with fog machines to achieve a more intense and powerful effect.

This type of lights will usually be applied to enhance the ambiance to a lighting scheme. This particular type of lighting will create soft washes on the walls and floors of the venue.


As you have probably noticed, we’ve pretty much touched base with the rather inexpensive end of the light spectrum. The reason being that DJ’s should rely on hardware that is inexpensive (not synonymous with cheap) and accessible, gear that can deliver an experience that will lay a clever emphasis on the music, before all.

Of course, at the very beginning of the review we’ve spoken about great clubs like ARMA and Berghain, but please bear in mind that almost none of the DJ’s playing gigs there travel with their own lights, unless it is a highly conceptual and costly performance. We’ve spoken of a setup of tens of thousands of dollars.

Given the perspective, that you’re looking to spice up your DJ set at a local bar, a party at your school or whatever small to medium venue, all of the lights that we have briefly reviewed should suffice, without a doubt.

Happily, modern technologies long and elaborate light performances can be efficiently pre-programmed with software and run smoothly using a DMX controller letting you produce entrancing effects.

By properly assessing your needs and the various options that are available to you, choosing the ideal set of DJ lights is simpler than ever before.

Convine them with a good DJ controller, speakers and mixer and you’ll be ready to rock your next gig.

If you find this guide usefull please let us know in the comments below.
Best of luck!

CHAUVET DJ Swarm Wash FX 4-in-1 - Our Pick
  • Prive to Value ratio
  • Quality
  • Versatility