To get the best dj speakers there are several things that we need to be aware of before looking into making a purchase that will cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars, namely to make sure we get a few of the essential distinctions right.

We are going to need to make a difference between active and passive speakers, to commence with. Essentially, passive speakers need an external amplifier, or several, active speakers do not. Actives generally have the amp already encrusted so that you can plug line-level signals directly into the speaker.

It is generally considered that passive speakers are used in studios and the active ones for parties and gigs. This is not a rule of thumb, neither should take my word for it. You should look into whatever works better for you.

Understanding the difference and making a conscious decision in this will definitely help to shape the sound you are going after.

So let’s look into a list of great speakers you should consider purchasing if you are about to do that.


If you are in a hurry these are our TOP 4 Picks:

Best DJ Speakers UNDER $2000:

The Matrix series is another example of the fantastic job B-52 have done to create a set of speakers are compact and deliver an entire soundscape defined by loudness and clarity at the same time.

The set of two 12″ two-way speakers and an 18″ subwoofer, equipped with a built-in 1,600-watt, three-channel amplifier ideal for live performance, DJ performances, and any other adjacent activities.

The speakers are fairly light; some say that it would be a good idea to add some extra weight to the casing so that they are not blown away when mounted.

Price? Well, it’s around 1700 dollars per 3-piece set.

For more about B-52 Matrix 2500, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 95%
  • Power 96%
  • Sound 98%
  • Beautiful sound profile
  • High portability
  • Light
  • Ordering parts can be complicated

Best DJ Speakers UNDER $1000:

Again another pair of speakers that have what appears to be one of the major features on our list – light weight DJ speakers. Like most Bose products, the L1 delivers a compelling sound quality, and they are generally versatile in usage.

Like most Bose products this particular line feels just as secure and safe, due to its high-quality casing.

The unit has a price range around at the top of its intended market. Some do find the entire Bose production line expensive. However, users keep reselling those, thus solving a particular need for people looking into saving some money.

I am a convert as well. My first experience with this producer was the SoundLink Portable Bluetooth player, which had an astonishingly dramatic sound profile. That was love at first sight. I highly recommend.

For more about Bose L1 Compact System, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 98%
  • Power 90%
  • Sound 98%
  • Clear sound
  • Elegant casing
  • Durable
  • Pricy

The SXA100+ is not really the most budget-friendly speaker. However, these babies will deliver quite a sound profile, but there are a few cons to them, mostly related to their inputs. Namely, the fact that it has only two inputs, compared to most of its opponents on the market.

Just like the previous entry, these speakers have great EQ control, which will be helpful while fine-tuning your sound. These speakers are comfortable to transport as they are quite light and compact.

The Electro-Voice SXA100+ do as well deliver an amazing smoothness and evenness of the tone and volume per weight and size of the speaker. Although pricey, these speakers always create a sensation of awe.


  • Portability 85%
  • Power 95%
  • Sound 93%
  • Excellent Sound Profile
  • Great EQ Control
  • Beautiful smooth Tone
  • Only two inputs

Best DJ Speakers UNDER $700:

The QSC is a more expensive DJ speaker in comparison to some of the ones listed above, namely twice as expensive as the Mackie Thump. The K10’s woofer properly handles low frequencies down to 56Hz, which basically can satisfy a broad array of needs and applications as DJing or live acts of instruments, mainly destined to smaller venues.

A new feature that has been brought on board is the Intrinsic Correction system that uses spatial markers and measurements that are then mapped to the processor to deliver smooth sound equally throughout the dancefloor.

It is important to stress the amount of sound they generate given their relatively small size. They are compact enough to fit a small stage they do not generate feedback due to their headroom.

  • Portability 90%
  • Power 93%
  • Sound 94%
  • Intrinsic Correction system
  • Great sound profile
  • Can only be suspended vertically

Best DJ Speakers UNDER $500:

Besides its sound, the MSR is known for its weight. The speakers are relatively light for their sound capacity. The speakers at biamped, an aspect that ensures the minimal signal distortion.

On the back panel, you will find a versatile connection scheme — a balanced 1/4″ and two XLR’s, one male, and one female. The clarity of the signal pretty much defines the speakers’ character. Apart from an excellent sound profile, the MSR400 do look pretty attractive, even pleasing to the eye.

What appears to be striking while testing the MSR 400s is how ample, thick and clear the sound is in comparison to their weight, and price.


For more about Yamaha MSR400, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 94%
  • Power 90%
  • Sound 98%
  • Good sound profile
  • Attractive design
  • Good value for money
  • Some owners reported the sound not being very reliable at high volume

ZLX’s sound is backed by a 12″ woofer and a 1.5″ titanium compression driver. This line of speakers is considered to have an excellent sound quality/price ratio, and the entire Internet is raving about it since they were released. Moreover, the lack of a medium frequency speaker does not seem to be an issue. However, it is a bit problematic, due to a total lack of a medium frequency regulator.

Just as the above-mentioned speakers, the Electro-Voice ZLX are lightweight, due to the polypropylene cabinet casing. Yet, the polypropylene enclosure has the tendency to make the sound a bit “boxy”.

The most common issue that has frequently been reported by ZLX 12P owners is that the speakers are not really that reliable. The enclosure is prone to visible damage almost at minor impact.

For more about Electro-Voice ZLX-12P, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 93%
  • Power 90%
  • Sound 88%
  • Light
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Sloppy presets
  • Poor durability

There have been a few ten inchers on our list today; however, we have decided to place them here due to their amazing performance in direct comparison to their size.

The DBR10 is pretty much the case here. The DBR10’s built-in mixer gives you two combination inputs which handle either XLR or 1/4″ TRS connectors. One input adds a stereo RCA input for playing a portable music player or another source.

The DBR Series features a small, lightweight, and high-endurance plastic cabinet which offers the most portable of all Yamaha powered speakers – the DBR10″.

The DBR10 combines power and portability, which makes the speakers perfect for any type of event.

For more about Yamaha DBR10 , check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 92%
  • Power 94%
  • Sound 95%
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Great Sound Profile
  • None

I find these speakers severely underrated and, unfortunately, overlooked. Maybe the people at ALTO were not too successful in marketing their product, at least I did not notice much noise around these speakers.

The new Truesonic TS2W series delivers a perfect balance between excellent acoustic performance and utility—in combination with the capability to stream signals from any Bluetooth device.

Because of their cleverly-designed, high-performance amps, these speakers operate at lower temperatures than the rest of the amplifiers on the market, even during long hours of high output.

The build quality is high. The handles are fairly sturdy. The grill cover is pretty reliable as well. For the $300-$400 that they cost they do well in this particular category. The speakers are quite lightweight. Moreover, the handles mentioned above make it very easy to move and transport them.

For more about ALTO TS212W, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 88%
  • Power 92%
  • Sound 93%
  • Unique sound profile
  • Crisp high frequencies
  • None

These Mackie’s pump out an impressive amount of sound for their size, thus I am inclined to believe that this product was specifically crafted for electronic music. The 15″-s have a 2-way ported design that produces “large” quantities of penetrating bass.

The drivers are of the size of 1.4″, ensure a great dispersion throughout the dancefloor. They supply plenty of sound pressure with an almost recognizable presence.

The capacity to generate high sound volumes does not, however, impair the clear and articulate sound profile. There have been reports that during live shows the low-end can be a bit muddy at times. However, this is probably the only recurrent issue that people are confronted with.

The Mackie Thump 15″ is decently priced, now at around the three hundred dollar mark, and oscillating at times. From this particular perspective, this product is very high on the price/value ratio overall.

For more about Mackie Thump 15, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 92%
  • Power 94%
  • Sound 90%
  • Great price
  • Good sound profile
  • Some have reported them as being hefty

Best DJ Speakers UNDER $300:

Finally a JBL product to conclude the list. There is no doubt that the sound on this bad boy is outstanding, but I would like to stress an important thing that happens to be mentioned by many users: do not overpower the signal.

There is an interesting peculiarity to the JRX215 drivers, namely the fact that they are prone to damage if you play it too loud. However, it is easily replaceable, and it does not cost an arm. But to avoid the hassle, try not to be too demanding of your drivers during your performance, regarding volume.

These speakers are highly recommended to DJ’s because it gives a very dynamic range of sound. Small in size, these speakers are capable of filling a medium venue with clear, precise sound that is very full, almost recognizable clarity and articulation.

For more about JBL JRX215, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Portability 92%
  • Power 93%
  • Sound 95%
  • Great sound
  • Profile
  • Hi frequency drivers prone to damage


Before you enter your Credit Card number to buy a pair of speakers it is imperative that you consider the following issues:

How much power do you really need?

At times, we’re looking forward to buy the loudest speakers out there, while there’s no obvious need to do that. Sometimes you should buy a pair that is half the Watts, and twice the quality of sound.

To sub or not to sub?

A subwoofer may be crucial to your setup if your speakers aren’t that potent on the low end. That is an important question depending on the genres you work in.

Don’t buy rubbish.

Well, that could be obvious, but sometimes we get all impulsive about our decisions. Do not buy dirt cheap speakers and hope you’ll get by. There are certainly miracles on the market, but why not save up some extra money and make a well-documented decision?

If you´re getting all your setup from scratch be sure to also check our buying guide about DJ controllers.


Well, that is pretty much it. Of course, there have been lots and lots of speakers that didn’t enter the list, but I had to boil it down to 10 pieces of hardware that would do the job done at a relatively decent price, these would be my recommendations.

Please do keep in mind that you might not find this top 10 list relevant, only because perceiving sound is on a large scale a subjective experience.

There are particular facts about music and sound that we can all agree upon, however, do not forget that sounds are incredibly powerful at triggering memories, emotions, and feelings, thus partly defining our preferences regarding acoustics. Personality does drive a considerable

amount of sound profile peculiarities, whether you are into harsher, more muffled systems, or you might prefer warm, and detailed profiles, it is ok to disagree.

Best of lucks with your search, cheers!

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