Introduction: A Foreword about the Best Electronic Drum Sets For Beginners

Are you searching for the best affordable electronic drum kit?

Then you’ve found the right place. Beginner drummers often consider buying an electronic drum set first because it takes up less space and is silent.

Professionals often sometimes want to have a backup kit and having an e-kit might be a good addition. But there is some confusion about the price/performance ratio of electronic drums.


If you are in a hurry here is a quick comparison:


#1 Roland TD-1K

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  • It’s a Real V-Drums Kit That Can Grow Along with Your Playing
  • It’s Compact, Easy to Use, and Quiet When You Want It to BeSignature Gipsy Kings flamenco model
  • It Lets You Play Many Different Drum Sounds and Musical Styles

  • It Comes with Built-In Tutorial Functions for Building Drum Skills

  • It Works Great with Your Computer and Mobile Devices

#2 Alesis Nitro Kit

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  • Dynamic, comfortable pads for great feel and natural response

  • 8″ high quality rubber drum pads (dual-zone snare, three single-zone toms)

  • Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included

  • 10″ cymbals: ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke

  • 4-post aluminum rack-super solid for stability and flexibility

#3 Behringer XD8USB

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  • Dual-zone snare for standard head and rim play

  • Accompanying drum rack is easy to assemble

  • 15 drums sets and 123 sounds to choose from

  • 8-piece electronic drum set with HDS110USB sound module

#4 Yamaha DD65

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  • 8 Touch-sensitive drum pads allow expressive playing

  • AUX in jack for connecting and playing along with an MP3 player; headphones inside box

  • Tempo control using Tap Start

  • Hand percussion mode with Latin drums allows playing with hands

  • 254 GM compatible Voices assignable to any pad. Please refer the User Manual before use

  • Note: This pack does not contain a survival kit or DVD

Let’s clear up a few misunderstandings first.

Up until recently, electronic drum kits were considered a sci-fi novelty that was used only in different forms of electronic music, and even then the drums used had to be high-end instruments.

But in the last 10 years or so, the e-drum technology has been improved drastically. So if you’ve wanted to get yourself an E-Kit, now is the perfect time!

Best Electronic Drum Set For Beginners

Consider this: high-end e-drums are nowadays employed but film musicians and touring drummers, while mid-range electronic kits are often used in recording studios – that means that this new variation on a traditional instrument has definitely passed the test of time.

The only reason why you might not want to spend thousands of dollars on an e-kit is because they don’t conform to your personal tastes.

But are the affordable electronic kits worth it?

They certainly are!

Best Electronic Drum Sets Under 1000 Dollars



Roland is among the best brands for electronic drum kits. The TD-1K is mostly a kit designed for smaller rooms, beginners and as a practice kit. If you want realistic sound with headphones only, this is the kit to go.


The preset kits sound very good and produce very nuanced sounds depending on your technique. The sustain and fade rates are very realistic, so the sounds don’t feel too digital or forced. The MIDI connectivity allows for additional tonal options.

Price and performance:

While the brain is a more simplified version of more advanced kits, it still works great and contributes to this kit’s advantages. The kit can be upgraded and the MIDI function is very useful.

All in all, this is the best kit for a touring musician who needs something decent in their bedroom.

For more about the Roland TD-1K check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Response & Feel 89%
  • Sounds 98%
  • Quality 93%
  • Very compact and easy to assemble
  • Unbelievably responsive
  • Sounds as close to an acoustic set as it is possible
  • Can be uncomfortable for bigger playerss


If you want to keep an electronic drum kit for live performances ready in your club or if you need something that is easy and fast to set-up at an open-air performance, then the Alesis Nitro Kit is what you need. Alesis is always one step ahead its competitors, especially at the more affordable side of the spectrum.


The 24 stock kits sound pretty good and will cover most of your needs, both in the studio and live. But in case that you need more, you can create 16 custom kits. The bass is quite loud and if you can invest into great speakers, you will be able to hear how dynamic and responsive this kit really is.

Price and performance:

We chose this kit as the number 1 affordable live kit as it offers superior feel and sound compared to other kits on the list. The simplicity of the design makes it stand out, as well. The drums are durable and responsive, which means that no gig will go wrong.

For more about the Alesis Nitro Kit check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Response & Feel 93%
  • Sounds 94%
  • Quality 97%
  • Great premade kits
  • Responsive and dynamic
  • Loud kick drum
  • Somewhat low volume on headphones


The Behringer XD8USB comes with everything that a recording drummer might need in the studio. Most importantly, the USB interface to connect with any virtual instrument and drum software (like EZ Drummer) and offers a lot of tonal possibilities.

Do to having only 5 slots for custom kits and 10 premade kits, it is not the most suitable solution for live performances, but it is certainly not the worst one either.


The sounds of the kit are very good and you’ll be able to create a realistically-sounding kit in a matter of minutes. The added bonus of the natural bounce helps enhance your playing and results in good technique. The kit is extremely responsive and there is pretty much no delay.

Price and performance:

The USB function makes it perfect for PC recording. If you are on a budget and want to create your own backing tracks or even full album recordings, then investing into the Behringer XD8USB might be a good idea. Sadly you won’t be able to add additional gear to this setup, but if you can work around that, you won’t need another kit in your studio anytime soon.

For more about the Behringer XD8USB check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Response & Feel 88%
  • Sounds 90%
  • Quality 92%
  • Easy for PC recording
  • Realistic sounds
  • Good heads
  • Can’t be expanded


While the DD65 and similar products don’t look quite like your usual electronic drum kit, they offer a great introduction for players on a limited budget. Yamaha has certainly perfected their table-top design, so if you have a solid table, good speakers or decent headphones, you’re good to go.


The stock sounds are neither bad nor good. If you want to improve on them, hooking up the kit to EZ Drummer might be a good choice. The kit is generally responsive, but there is some sound-choking when performing rolls.

Price and performance:

What you’re getting for less than 200 USD is definitely a great musical instrument for beginners that is easy to use. This is certainly no tool for recording a platinum record, but for an aspiring drummer on a budget, it is the perfect solution.

For more about the Yamaha DD65 check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Response & Feel 85%
  • Sounds 89%
  • Quality 90%
  • Most affordable solution
  • Easy setup
  • Built in songs and practice tools
  • Feels cheap after playing a high-end kit


For slower genres, ballads and pop songs, electronic drums offer a lot of value in a rather convenient package. Beginners also benefit from an affordable E-Drum kit because electronic kits come with a lot of preset sounds that will allow a beginner to explore many different genres from the very start.

Taking care of an electronic kit is also easier, so the only real question is whether they are as durable and as responsive as high-end kits.

Today’s affordable electronic kits are certainly far ahead compared to anything from 10 years ago, but you do get what you pay for.

That means that a 2000 dollars kit will certainly be a bit more responsive and have additional features compared to a 200 dollars kit, but we’re talking about a tenfold price difference.

The performance difference is nowhere near this close and the advantages of a high-end kit do matter if you’re earning money with it while performing, but if it is just a backup, beginner’s or practice kit, then an affordable drum set is by far better.

For more details on what to look out for on an electronic drum set, check out our detailed guide of the best electronic drum sets on the market.


We hope that we were able to make your decision at least a bit easier. Let us know in the comments what you think about these kits and stay tuned for more drum reviews.