Introduction – A foreword about Roland and TD30KV

Roland is one of the prominent leaders in the percussion product industry, and it’s safe to say that their drum kits are without equal – both acoustic and electronic drum sets. Now, the TD30KV is one of their finest electronic drum kits, and we’re here to see why.

ROLAND TD30KV REVIEW – Buying Guide Highlights

Simply speaking, electronic drum sets are quite complex. These drum kits offer different options when compared to standard acoustic drum sets, especially when it comes to editing and recording. Now, these are just some of the reasons why specs, features, and performance are important, apart from the price point category and value for the cash.

This buying guide will cover Roland’s TD30KV specs, features, performance, price point category, value for the cash, pros, and cons, after which we will provide our objective unbiased rating (and an explanation of the rating).

Roland TD30KV Specs and Features

Roland’s TD30KV comes supplied with a set of premium-quality features, including the Flagship V-Drums sensing technology, SuperNATURAL sounds, Dedicated ambience fader, and more. We’re mainly interested in two lists – parts and features:


  • Bass drum with a double bass pedal
  • Hi-hat and the hi-hat pedal – V-Hi-Hat VH-13
  • Two floor toms and two toms – V-Pads PD128S, 128, and 108
  • Crash CY-14C cymbal and CY15 Ride cymbal
  • TD30 Module

  • Parts 92%

It would be pretty bold to say that any drum set deserves a pure rating of 100/100 for many reasons. For instance, some drums are better for beginners, some are pretty hard to play (but they’re ideal for seasoned veterans). Anyhow, if any drum kit is near to perfection, it’s Roland’s TD30KV.

The parts are neither too big or too small, each part boasts a high level of functionality and reliability, the configuration is neatly organized so that both pros and beginners can use it, so it’s quite obvious why this drum kit scored 86/100.


  • Flagship V-Drums
  • Sensing technology
  • SuperNATURAL sound pack
  • Dedicated Ambience Fader
  • USB memory port
  • Separate USB-MIDI port

  • Features 98%

Roland was always ahead of its time, and the V-pro series represent the pinnacle of their craftsmanship. This unique set of features offers exquisite opportunities to master your drumming skills, but you’ll definitely love this set of features if you want to record your drum tracks.


Roland TD30KV Price Point Category and Value for the Cash


Roland’s TD30KV belongs to the “expensive” price point category, but it’s very easy to see why it’s worth the money. This electronic drum kit offers unprecedented qualities in terms of features, its reliability is simply off the charts, but the price is quite a downfall for most people.

Electronic drum kits are usually quite expensive, mainly as the hardware needs to be assembled, the drum sounds need to be recorded, presets tuned, and more. All in all, it’s a lot of work.

Now, there are drum sets that cost less, but this is where we draw the line – you just can’t compare Roland’s TD30KV with other models.

  • Price and Value Ratio 90%

Surely enough, you’ll have to cough up a fortune if you want to use this beauty, but you can always consider it as a long-shot investment.

You might be aware of the fact that most drummers switch several drum sets before finding their final configuration. Now, why go through the trouble of paying extra when you can simply purchase perfection?

The main reason why we’ve rated Roland’s TD30KV with 83 out of 100 is because there’s a whole lot of people who simply can’t dream of affording it. Even though this drum kit offers remarkable features, it just costs too much for an average person.


The good and bad about Roland TD30KV Pro


As we’ve already mentioned, Roland’s TD30KV Pro isn’t perfect, but it’s surely close enough. When it comes to high-end electronic drum kits, the list is usually not long, but you can definitely find the name of this remarkable art piece near the top (if not “at” the very top).

Concerning the benefits you’ll be able to reap and the downfalls that might dissuade you from considering Roland’s TD30KV, it’s important to stay objective at all costs. The list of pros and cons below excludes any and all subjective opinion, and you can always consult them for a quick overview of the good and bad about Roland’s TD30KV Pro:

  • A remarkable outward appearance – Roland’s TD30KV pro excels in aesthetics
  • Outstanding performance – this electronic drum kit features unmatched level of performance
  • State-of-the-art technology and features – the innovative technology of Roland’s engineers has peaked during the construction process of TD30KV Pro
  • Professional drum kit for playing, rehearsing, recording, and other
  • This drum kit is very expensive

Things to consider and FAQ

How to connect Roland TD30KV to computer

This is, perhaps, the simplest part, as all you need to do is download an application called the “V-Drums Friend Jam”. It can be downloaded at the Roland’s V-Drums Friend Jam™ site – After you’ve downloaded the application, you should follow the on-screen instructions.

After this process, all you need to do is simply use a USB and audio cables to connect Roland’s TD30KV to your PC or Mac. The prerequisites to use Roland’s Friend Jam application are as following:

-Operative system – Windows (7, 8, 8.1, or Vista), Macintosh (Mac OS 10.6 and later).

-CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo (minimum)

-RAM – 1GB (minimum)

-Resolution – XGA 1024 by 768 (minimum)

How to record Roland TD30KV

Basically, there are three main ways in which you can record your drum tracks on Roland’s TD30KV:

  • Record from the module

If you choose this option, you can choose all the instruments apart from drums as well. Editing is easier, as the track is less complicated. Simply put, the TD-30 module offers advanced editing, a manifold of instruments, complete recording control, ambient environment control, and more.

Once you’ve chosen the module, use the USB port or MIDI port to connect the drums, after which you can start recording.

  • Record MIDI

This is one of the easier ways to recording your drum tracks, but you should know that you won’t be able to benefit from actual drum sound. All of the tones and sounds will be recorded as MIDI tones which can later be edited to achieve better sound.

Again, to record your drum tracks using “MIDI recording” option is simple, as all you have to do is use the MIDI port and connect your electronic drums. There are various software programs that will allow you to record MIDI, such as Cubase, for example.

  • Triggering software

Basically, trigger software represents a useful tool if you’re not too confident in your drumming accuracy. The “triggers” balance the sound output, recording it during the process.

How to update Roland TD30KV firmware

Much like installing the driver, you can use Roland’s support website to update the firmware. The most recent driver version is 1.0.2. The 1.0.1 version is available for Windows 8/8.1 and Mac OS X 10.10.

The link to the website that offers Roland’s TK30KV firmware updates

How to assemble Roland TD30KV

Each Roland TD30KV comes with a complete user’s manual that explains the entire process in detail. However, if you’ve lost or misplaced your manual, the instructions are as following:

  • Assemble the stand, starting with the pad mounts and cymbal mounts
  • Assemble the Hi-Hat and the Hi-Hat pedal – The top hi-hat features a dedicated VH-13 clutch which is to be used to straighten the construction.
  • Assemble the kick pedal – first adjust the leg angle, after which you should knob the leg fasteners.
  • Assemble the cymbals – Start with the CY-14C Bow cymbal, then go for the CY-15R Bell and CY-14C cymbal.
  • Assemble the timpani – The two PD-108 timpani should be setup just below the CY-14C cymbal (right) and CY-15R (left).
  • Assemble the floor toms – The two PD-128 toms should rest under the CY-14C cymbal, just to your right.
  • Set up the snare – the PD-128S snare should be just below the left PD-108 tom.
  • Assemble the control panel module TD-30 right next to VH-13 Hi-hat.

In case these instructions aren’t clear enough, more detailed explanation can be found here

How to connect Roland TD30KV to amp

Roland’s TD30KV can be connected to external audio players or amplification devices. To do so, you should use the “Mix In” feature which is found behind the panel. The 1/8″ output connection requires a 1/8″ – ¼” stereo cable while the ¼” connection only accepts ¼” – ¼” cables.


Roland’s TD30KV is one of the best electronic drum kits out there, without any doubt. It’s incredibly easy to assemble it, and it’s even easier to use it after you’re done. This drum kit also allows you to step up your recording and drumming game due to innovative features, so you probably already have a good picture of its value.

The only bad thing is that it costs quite a lot, but this single flaw is easily compensated for with the manifold of advantages and benefits. All in all, you can’t go wrong with Roland.

Now getting to our initial question: Is it the king of E-Drums? 
Well this is a top of the cream drum set, and a few months ago this statement would be more than deserved. But there’s been an introduction to the world of electronic drums that took the game to a whole new level and guess from whom?

Yes, no other than Roland, they’ve recently introduced it’s big brother the Roland TD50KV pretty much the evolution of this incredible drum set.

This doesn’t mean that going for this kit is a bad decision, not at all, it will all come down to budget. And you can see the best choices right here on our ultimate buying guide.

We hope you found this review useful and wish you best of lucks with your research!