The musical instrument market is constantly evolving  and it is time to do a recap of the best acoustic guitar for this year.

We have decided to give you a quick rundown of models which definitely deserve your attention whether you are looking for a first acoustic guitar or a high-end model.

We will start our annual guide with some of the cheaper acoustic guitars which is what most people are realistically looking for. 

The models that we choose are picked for their combination of price, performance and build quality. We didn’t want to include guitars that are overpriced, or super cheap but downright terrible. 

Later on we will move to finer instruments, and finally finish our guide with a few top acoustic guitars. With that said, grab a cup of coffee or whatever you prefer, and let’s get started.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 

Even though Taylor is considered to be among best acoustic guitar brands which most people associate with four digit price tags, they actually have a pretty awesome line of affordable models.

There are those who will say that buying cheap Taylors is more or less just paying for the brand, but that is definitely not the case.

Taylor GS Mini belongs to a line of good acoustic guitars that offer balance and great performance. 

Features and Performance 

All things considered, this is one of the more traditional acoustic guitars from Taylor’s lineup.

The shape and size are reminiscent of a smaller orchestra acoustic guitar, which makes it a very comfortable model for a variety of users.

It features a mahogany solid top combined with laminate Sapele back and sides. The neck is also made of supple and the whole guitar just inspires confidence when you handle it. 

In terms of sound, things are even better. Smaller size means a bit of a reduced low-end response, but there is no noticeable lack of definition or presence in that part of the frequency range.

The tone you get is crisp, clear and has a lot of that Taylor vibe which we all love.

For more about Taylor GS Mini, check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Sound 93%
  • Build Quality 94%
  • Performance 94%
  • Solid materials
  • Great sound
  • Compact body
  • Standard Taylor build quality
  • Laminate back and sides
  • Might be too small for some users

Breedlove guitars are known for their refined tone and rock solid build quality.

This company produces some of the absolute best sounding acoustic guitar models available at the moment.

The one we are looking at here offers a great combination of all of the benefits we have just mentioned, plus a great preamp system that brings a new layer of versatility to the table. 

Features and Performance 

What we have here is a fine concert style acoustic which tells us a lot about the type of tone we can expect to hear from this model.

The guitar itself looks very attractive, which is nothing new when it comes to Breedlove acoustics. They simply know how to make top acoustic guitars in every way imaginable.

In terms of materials, Pursuit Concert brings a solid mahogany top that is complimented by fine laminate Sapele back and sides. We are not fans of laminate wood on acoustic guitars, but guitars such as this don’t suffer anything due to this. The neck is a bit more exotic and features a nice Nato design that is both comfortable and smooth. 

Performance wise the situation is exactly as you would expect. Great tone, classic concert resonance, and volume, all of which is topped off by a superb definition.

This is especially true when it comes to mid-range tones and trebles. This is among the warmest sub-$500 models at the moment, which is why we definitely recommend it to those looking for a softer touch.

Finally, the preamp that comes with this guitar punches way above the price range. You can count on great tone rendering given that you have a decent amp. 

For more about Breedlove Pursuit Concert, check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Sound 93%
  • Build Quality 92%
  • Perfomance 93%
  • Great build quality
  • Great choice of tonewood
  • Awesome tone
  • On-board electronics
  • Laminate back and sides

Where there is a Taylor, you also have to include its biggest competitor, Martin Guitars.

The one we chose for this occasion is the Martin LX1 Little Martin.

This guitar packs heavy-hitting punches in all the right places while retaining a relatively affordable price.

This makes it one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners who want a future-proof first acoustic. 

Features and Performance 

This guitar features a standard Dreadnought design which has proven to be the most popular choice in the last half of the century. Build quality is great, and performance is definitely following close.

You’ve probably noticed that Martin LX1 Little Martin is cheaper than the other guitars we have mentioned so far. That probably leads you to believe there’s a catch of some sorts.

There is, and it comes in form of HPL, or High-Pressure Laminate material they’ve used for back and sides. 

This is basically an artificial material, which is not something many guitar players appreciate at all. We would be within that group, but the way Martin combined all of the elements makes this a pretty outstanding guitar.

HPL components are paired with a nice solid Sitka spruce top, resulting in a very nicely defined tone that has a lot of that Martin sound in there.

Overall, this is probably the best acoustic guitar for the money at the moment. 

For more about Martin LX1 Little Martin, check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Sound 91%
  • Build Quality 88%
  • Performance 94%
  • Affordable
  • Great build quality
  • Solid top design
  • Great tone
  • HPL back and sides


No matter what some people will say, we can’t make a shortlist of best acoustic guitars under $1000 and not include one of the best models currently available.

Artist Mosaic is made by Seagull – a Canadian brand that takes pride in their preference of handcrafting their instruments, and using some of the finest tonewood on earth.

Finding an acoustic guitar that is hand made in North America used to be something you would only get if you were ready to pay way more than $1000.

Seagull changed that, although the price of this model keeps rising as more people recognize the quality.

Features and Performance 

As we have mentioned before, this is a handmade model that features a standard dreadnought body style. 

The choice of tonewood comes down to Canada’s finest cedar wood which they used for the solid top and very fine mahogany for the back and sides.

Combined with their more advanced bracing, the whole guitar is put together flawlessly in terms of build quality. The performance mirrors the handcrafted nature of the Seagull Artist Mosaic.

Very balanced mid range that is complimented by crisp trebles and articulated low-end response that only a quality dreadnought can deliver.
All things considered, this is definitely the best acoustic guitar you can get under $1000.
Actually, it’s better than some of the more expensive models out there. It’s not the most expensive acoustic guitar on the market, but it definitely belongs to the top ten acoustic guitars of this decade.
  • Sound 99%
  • Build Quality 98%
  • Performance 94%
  • Handcrafted
  • Great build quality
  • Top-tier materials
  • Great performance
  • None

Even though this Martin goes outside our budget by just a bit, we felt that not including it on the list would be robbing you of a great potential choice.

It’s no secret that Martin, considered by some to be the best acoustic guitar brand in the world, feels comfortable in the high-end segment of the market.

That is perfectly apparent when you take a closer look at Martin Custom D. 

Features and Performance 

All things considered, this Martin is among the more conservative models in their lineup.

We are looking at a standard dreadnought design that is built using solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides.

The neck is also a mahogany design that features one of Martin’s more popular neck profiles. The fretboard is made of Indian rosewood, which offers all of the benefits of having a real rosewood piece with increased comfort. Build quality and craftsmanship are superb, to say the least, as it is expected. 

In terms of sound, you are looking at one of the best sounding guitars in this price range. There’s a lot of volume, width, and warmth in its tone, even though you would expect some limits due to its dreadnought shape.

When people talk about that ‘Martin tone’, they are describing the exact same sound Martin Custom D brings to the table. It’s a standard Martin mid-range acoustic guitar, but an impressive one none the less. 

For more about Martin Custom D, check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Sound 98%
  • Build Quality 96%
  • Performance 95%
  • Great choice of tonewood
  • Superior tone
  • Classic design
  • Might require some experimentation with strings to get the best result


Here comes Martin again!

This time it’s an acoustic electric model that brings just the right balance of performance and price to those who rely on amplification to get their music heard.

We would go as far as to say that this is one of the best acoustic guitars in 2016 when it comes to models which are suitable for stage performance. Speaking of which. 

Features and Performance 

Again, Martin brings us a standard dreadnought acoustic guitar that combines some of the best tonewood with equally as good craftsmanship. After all, Martin did invent this type of acoustic guitar back in the day. 

Martin Road Series DRS1 sports a very nice looking solid Sapele top that is paired with solid Sapele back and sides.

This combination of tonewood works rather well with the dreadnought body style. The reason why we named it as the best acoustic electric guitar comes from its built-in preamp. We are talking about the capable Fishman Sonitone system. 

Now, some might say it’s not the very best preamp in the business, and that would probably be true. However, it is one that brings the best value for the money while still sounding like a professional unit.

The tone of this Martin is very well balanced and has presence in all parts of the frequency range. Clarity and definition are there in abundance, while you also get a nice underlying bass response.

Once plugged in, the electronics do their magic and you get a near perfect rendering of what this guitar sounds like.
Be sure to pair the guitar with a really good amp to fully justify the quality of this guitar. 

For more about Martin Road Series DRS1, check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Sound 96%
  • Build Quality 95%
  • Performance 95%
  • Great build quality
  • Great tonewood
  • Good electronics
  • Great tone
  • None


Finally, we have another Martin that has rightfully found its way onto our list.

This high end model has a beautiful design. The 000 15-fret body size rests easily on the player’s arms making it comfortable to play.

The guitar looks right out from the pages of history book, thanks to the mahogany appearance.

The sound that this acoustic guitar produces is simply outstanding.

A good thing to notice is the compatibility for left-handed guitarists as well.

We are looking at a high-end guitar, that means the price tag is a bit high for most guitarist, but you can rest assure that it’s worth every penny.

With the reputation of making quality acoustic guitars for more than one and a half centuries, Martin guitars are certainly one of the best acoustic guitar brands.

So their products are for those who want their instrument to exceed in every aspect, sound, tone and design.

The solid all-mahogany body of the Martin 000-15M produces very rich tones which will win the hearts of every listener.

Best Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is versatile enough to be the right fit for those who play big chords as well as for those who prefer the more delicate finger style playing.

For more about Martin 000-15M, check out customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Sound 99%
  • Build Quality 96%
  • Performance 99%
  • Beautiful unique design
  • Perfect size
  • Excellent quality
  • Rich tones
  • Absolutely None

What to look for in a good acoustic guitar:

Finding the best acoustic guitar your money can buy comes down to what type of budget you’re working with and what kind of body style fits you the best. Also, your choice for guitar should depend on whether you are just learning how to play guitar or already a pro. 

We urge you to put comfort high on your list of priorities as getting that aspect wrong can leave you with a pretty but useless acoustic guitar. Check out this great video for more info.

We’ve shown you some of the best models for this year, and the coming year. In case you didn’t find what you were looking for, you at least have a good picture of what is available at the moment. 


We hope this complete guide of ours has introduced you to some acoustic guitars you haven’t heard of prior to joining us today.

We’ve done all the footwork to bring you the best of the best in all categories. Naturally, there will be those who won’t agree with our choices, but the models included here are definitely among the top ten acoustic guitars currently available.

If you are into fingerpicking you can check our detailed guide of the best guitars for fingerpicking. Also if you interested in classical guitars you can check our buying guide here.

With that said, we thank you for being with us and hope that you will find the perfect acoustic guitar for your needs.