Introduction: A Foreword about the Best Marshall Combo Amp

Marshall amps were a weapon of choice among many guitar pioneers during the 70s and the 80s, and there’s a good reason why these amps stuck around for half a century after that – quality.

Namely, most musicians who know a thing or two about a thing or two will tell you that “you just can’t go wrong if you go with Marshall“.

These amps are often plain regarding their construction, but they’re also extremely versatile. There are various generations for you to choose from, ranging from sturdy old Marshalls to fully electronic new models.

Overall, there’s a lot for you to choose from on the menu – you can jump to the main course after we discuss the things you should look out for on Marshall amps.

Best Marshall Combo

What to look on a Marshal combo amp

Most Marshall amps are designed in a similar way, so you can scratch the “construction” off the list of things to consider. The things you’ll want to keep an eye out for when searching for your best Marshall combo amp are:

The Price

Even the cheapest Marshall combo amp is capable of going toe to toe with the big guns, butboutique Marshall amps are in another league of quality. Not to mention that the usual price ranges won’t do – what might be the “high-end price point category” for some brands appear like “budget” when Marshall amps are in question.

The Versatility

Rock and Metal music sub-genres are the playground where Marshall amps stand out from the rest, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for jazz, blues, or any other music style. Some Marshall combo amps come outfitted with a humble setting board (only several control knobs) while other models have a plethora of sound-tweaking buttons.

The Power

Are you looking for a Marshall amp that will help you dominate the scene on a gig, or do you seek a small amp to rock out to at home? Marshall amps have different “power levels” measured with watts, but be warned – Marshall’s 15W might sound like budget amp’s 60W.


If you are in a hurry here is a quick comparison:


#1 Marshall AS100D Acoustic Series 100-Watt 2x8-Inch

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  • 50 + 50 Watts

  • 2x8 stereo combo

  • 4 channels

  • Digital effects

#2 Marshall DSL5C 1x10" 5-Watt 2-Channel Tube

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  • 2 Channels – Classic Gain & Ultra Gain (foot switchable)

  • 15 watts

  • All valve

  • 1x12″ speaker

  • Digital Reverb

#3 Marshall CODE 100X 2x12

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  • 100W (solid state) Single input 14 preamp models 4 power amp models 8 speaker cab models Speaker

  • Marshall legacy with state-of-the-art technology

  • Various choices of glistening cleans, vintage crunches and modern high gain options

  • Selection of 24 FX

#4 Marshall Code 50 - 50-watt 1x12" Digital Combo Amp

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  • 50W (solid state) Single input 14 preamp models 4 power-amp models 8 speaker cab models Speaker

  • Marshall legacy with state-of-the-art technology

  • Selection of 24 FX

#5 Marshall MG15CFX MG Series 15-Watt

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  • 15 Watts

  • 1x8 combo

  • 4 programmable channels

  • Effects

  • MP3 input


Best Marshall Combo Amp

Best Marhshall Combo Under $700

The first Marshall combo amp in our review is the AS100D from the Acoustic Series. This one is a powerhouse, boasting a total of 100W (a combo of 50W plus 50W), making it absolutely ideal for gigs of any kind.

It comes outfitted with a large settings board (20 setting knobs in total), allowing for a wide range of sound customization.

Apart from that, there are four channels and various sound effects for you to peddle with. The only bad thing is that it costs quite a lot, but it’s worth every single cent anyhow.
  • Performance 97%
  • Price 92%
  • Versatility 96%
  • Overall, most people like Marshall’s AS100D for the amount of power it holds. The full 100 watts are more than enough to accommodate every musician’s needs
  • The second-best thing about this combo amp is near-to-none feedback
  • Searching for the perfect, exquisite sound won’t be hard, as AS100D allows for superior sound customization with the wide menu of sound effects and settings
  • Even though this isn’t a major flaw, the AS100D’s downside is its weight. It’s quite heavy due to various hardware parts
  • The AS100D is not a boutique amp, but it still costs quite a lot

Best Marhshall Combo Under $500

Marshall’s DSL5C amp is significantly weaker when compared to the AS100D model, but it just might be the Best Marshall combo amp on the market.

It’s only 15W strong, but it has two switchable channels and two setting sections (excluding the “normal”).

You can crank out some slick rock riffs with the “classic gain” boost while the “ultra gainis suitable for most metal playstyles.

The overall soundstage of Marshall’s DSL5C is decently balanced, without any overaccentuated sections. The highs are crispy, yet mellow, the mids are present and vibrant while the lows can be felt on all volume levels.

Overall, we’d say that DSL5C is more than worth the cash.
  • Performance 94%
  • Price 94%
  • Versatility 95%
  • The 12″ speaker is perfect regarding the performance and durability. It’s quite robust, and you won’t have to trouble with replacements for years to come
  • Two channels and two setting sections make DSL5C quite versatile
  • Most users like the simplicity of this Marshall amp – it doesn’t have overcomplicated settings and buttons, making it ideal for beginners and veterans alike
  • Truth be told, 15W aren’t enough for a gig. You’ll be more than satisfied if you intend to play it at home, though

Best Marhshall Combo Under $400

We’re looking at a yet another strong Marshall combo amp – the Marshall’s “Code”. This one offers a distinctive design and a humble settings panel, but rest assured, it’s both powerful and extremely versatile.

First of all, Marshall’s code is a sort of a “hybrid” amp, as it features 14 preamp settings, 4 power amp settings, and 8 speaker-cab models.

There’s a dozen of presets for you to choose from, and up to five can be used simultaneously. On top of that, the Code comes outfitted with two standard-issue speakers (12-inch).

Overall, it’s decently affordable, as it belongs to the “medium” price range, and it’s easily one of the best Marshall combo amp models in our review.
  • Performance 90%
  • Price 98%
  • Versatility 98%
  • A “highly versatile combo amp” would best describe Marshall’s “Code”
  • Marshall’s Code offers the same power as AS100D
  • This combo amp is both Bluetooth and footswitch compatible
  • On top of all, the elegant black design is sure to leave quite an impression on your audience as you jam
  • The “Code” belongs to the “medium” price range – it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely not too expensive
  • This amp weighs quite a lot, weighing approximately 60 pounds
  • It might take a while before you find the setup you’re looking for

Best Marhshall Combo Under $300

Essentially, the Marshall’s Code 50 is a smaller version of the “Code” we’ve just mentioned.

In theory, if we could slice the Code by half, we would get the Code 50 – it comes outfitted with the same features and options, but it’s slightly weaker.

Should you opt for this combo amp, you’ll benefit from the exact number of presets and amp models – the only exception is the number of speakers, as the Code 100W comes outfitted with two while Code 50W has only one.
  • Performance 90%
  • Price 98%
  • Versatility 96%
  • Marshall’s Code 50W is a smaller version of the Code 100W, allowing you to choose the power level that suits you best – the versatility level remains intact
  • This amp weighs only 30 pounds, which can be labeled as “light” in the amp world
  • The Code 50W has all the features of the Code 100W
  • On top of all, the elegant black design is sure to leave quite an impression on your audience as you jam
  • Decently affordable, to say the least
  • here are no major flaws concerning the Code 50W apart from it constantly going out of stock due to high demand

Best Marhshall Combo Under $200

The last, but not least, Marshall combo amp in our review is the MG15CFX from the MG Series. Suffice to say, this model is the best Marshall combo amp in the budget section, as it offers quite a lot without demanding a fortune in exchange.

It boasts 15 watts of power, and it comes outfitted with all the usual control settings – the gain, bass, middle, reverb, volume, treble, master, and so on.

There’s a total of 4 selectable (and storable) channels for you to choose from, as well as digital effects and reverb.
  • Performance 87%
  • Price 94%
  • Versatility 89%
  • Most people like Marshall’s MG15CFX for its affordability, but it doesn’t lack in performance or any other sphere
  • In essence, the MG15CFX is a high-quality amp that can easily be compared to most high-end models, even though it doesn’t cost as much
  • This combo amp is plain, but decently powerful to withstand a medium-size gi
  • You can expect frequent hissing and buzzing
  • Cleans are practically useless without compression pedals in the play


How to clean a Marshall amp

Regardless of the design of your Marshall amp, they should always be cleaned thoroughly and carefully.

Most of the hardware is tucked neatly within the construction, so you shouldn’t worry too much about damaging or ruining your amp.

On the other hand, every amp is electronic, so refrain from using water if you intend to clean it with a piece of cloth.

Which Marshall amp is right for me

We’ve recommended our top 5 best Marshall combo amp models, but if none of the items above suit you, feel free to browse away online.

Marshall boasts a massive catalog of high-quality amps, and they’re ever expanding the menu. Among the ones that we reviewed, we label the Marshall DSL5C as the victor, as it‘s superior to most in the generation.

How to repair a Marshall amp

There are countless problems you may (or may not) encounter during the time you use your Marshall amp.

Ranging from slight differences in the sound your amp produces to complete blackouts, it’s always the safest option to consult a professional.

Most minor problems can be avoided with day-to-day maintenance, however.


The Best Marshall Combo Amp isn’t that hard to find, as Marshall seldom makes a bad amp.

In fact, more often than not, their amps are among the best on the market, so the ironical part is not choosing between the good and bad, but choosing between the good and better.

All in all, Marshall amps excel in various fields of performance, regardless of the model, so whichever you pick might become a keeper eventually.