Putting it short, Alesis DM6 is an outstanding electronic drum kit that will best suit beginners and juniors. Before we go into details, let’s take a second to see what we will discuss in this article. For starters, we will point out the highlights of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit, as well as the common problems people have with it.

Just saying that this electronic drum set is great would be an understatement, and we’re here to show you why. This drum kit offers serious advantages concerning drum practices, drum track rehearsals, editing, and recording. Furthermore, it features an ideal configuration that will easily accommodate the needs of immediate beginners, juniors, and intermediate drummers.

Alesis DM6 Specs

The Alesis DM6 USB kit comes with eight drum parts, including the drum kick, the DM6 module, an electronic snare, three toms, two cymbals, a hi-hat, hi-hat pad, hi-hat controller, and the kick pedal. All of these parts combined form the configuration of Alesis DM6 drum kit.

This section is dedicated to explaining the performance of Alesis drum set, its features, the price point category it belongs to, and, finally, it’s value for the money.


Alesis DM6 Performance

The performance of Alesis DM6 electronic drum set is one of the reasons why this set is one of the best drum set for kids models.

First of all, it’s extremely easy to play it – the configuration is just perfect, and the dimensions of the drum parts are optimal.

This provides great versatility, as it’s equally easy to practice your drumming skills and record your drum tracks.

  • Performance 78%

This is definitely one of the best drum set for kids models, without any doubt. The reason why we’ve ranked the performance of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit with 86/100 is quite simple, actually. Its performance is great, but it’s not perfect, as this drum kit is specifically made for kids and teenagers.

Alesis DM6 Features

We’ve already mentioned that there’s a large number of features that Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit comes supplied with. The features are also one of the main factors that contribute to the overall performance of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit, which further explains why it was ranked so high.

Now, the full list of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit features include:

  • The Drum Module with 108 sounds, including cymbals, drums, and percussions

The DM6 module allows you to easily and fully customize your drumming experience. This drum kit offers plenty of versatility to young players, as they can get accustomed to various sounds at a young age. Furthermore, the abundance of preset sounds makes the recording process a breeze.

  • Dual-Zone snare compatibility – rimshots and click

This feature explains the “realistic sound” part, as most electronic drum sets can’t fully express the rimshots. This, however, is not a problem for Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit.

  • USB-MIDI Output

When you combine these outputs with the drum module, you can easily record your drum tracks. Most electronic drum kits require additional software to be installed (or even separate programs, such as Cubase, for example).

  • Compatible with CD Players and iPods

The CD Player and iPod compatibility allows for superior drumming experience, as you can listen to your tracks and play drums at the same time with great ease.

  • Features 88%

The reason why the features rating of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit is so high is quite plain. First of all, there’s only a handful of premium-quality features which makes them extremely easy to use. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art technology allows for supreme performance and recording capabilities.

Alesis DM6 Price point category


Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit belongs to the “cheap” price point category. Now, it’s quite important to note that most electronic drum kits are usually expensive, mainly due to special hardware pieces that cost a fortune to construct.

Furthermore, Alesis is one of the world-class brands, so it can be puzzling to understand why is one of their best products so cheap. We can only make an assumption that the reason for such a low price is as following – they love kids, and they want to help young, aspiring drummers out.

  • Price and Value Ratio 98%

Simply put, being cheap and excelling in nearly all fields of performance is rare. Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit comes at a bargain price, and it’s obvious why it was ranked with such a high grade.

Alesis DM6 Overall

It’s time to summarize the performance, features, price, and all other aspects of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit. Now, the performance is absolutely off the charts, and the features Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit comes supplied with played a vital role in that matter.

Furthermore, this drum kit is remarkably cheap, which only contributes to its overall value. Now, it’s quite easy to deduce that the value of Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit is very high.

  • Overall 88%

All things considered, Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit boasts a supreme value for the price. This electronic drum kit does a major bang for the buck, and every kid will be thrilled to drum on this kit, there’s no doubt about that.

Things to consider and FAQ

Why is Alesis DM6 so special?

Alesis is not just “any” brand, mainly because they don’t make “conventional, ordinary” drum kits. Electronic drum sets are pretty distinctive on their own, and it takes great skill and craftsmanship to make a set that will pass above average. Now, this is not a problem for Alesis DM6, as it passed our tests with flying colors.

First of all, we’d say that the configuration of drum pieces is what makes Alesis DM6 so special. The number and arrangement of drum parts is practically ideal. There are neither too many or too little parts, as both extremes are considered bad for both beginners and pros.

Furthermore, the realistic sound output takes the second place. There’s a manifold of preset combinations of sounds that you can use for practicing, but this feature shines in full light when used for editing and recording, to be frank.

Last, but not least, the price of Alesis DM6 electronic drum set is just, which only contributes to its overall value for the cash. This drum kit is one of the cheapest high-quality electronic drum sets on the market, and, on top of all, it’s favored by laymen and veterans alike.

Alesis DM6 Manual

Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit comes with a “easy how-to-setup” manual which allows for a simple DIY. Now, the concept is pretty simple – all you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide, and you’ll be done in no time.

As it’s quite easy to follow, the Alesis DM6 manual doesn’t pose any problems whatsoever. On that matter, just make sure not to take any “shortcuts”, as you might get stuck without being able to fix the damage done.

Alesis DM6 USB


If you’ve been researching Alesis DM6, you might’ve stumbled across the information that it comes in two variants – Nitro and USB. The USB variant features a different configuration, parts, outward appearance, and connection type.

Actually, most people find Alesis DM6 and Alesis DM6 USB to be synonyms, as people often refer to Alesis DM6 Nitro as “Alesis Nitro”. Notice that every information in this article regards Alesis DM6 USB unless specified otherwise.

Alesis DM6 Potential Problems


There’s an abundance of valuable benefits you can take advantage from if you opt for Alesis DM6 electronic drum sets, but it’s definitely not perfect. As it’s only normal, the matter of subjective preference comes into the picture related to problems with this drum kit.

Simply put, this kit is great overall, but there are people who have reported some smaller issues, and we’re here to point them out so you know in advance what to expect.

The first problem is not technical in nature, as it involves drum care and maintenance. Shortly, Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit isn’t too durable, but that’s one of the main problems with almost all electronic sets.

The second problem involves the drum kick. Let’s be frank, you can never get the “realistic” sound that would be able to compare to actual acoustic drums, but the drum kick stands out from the rest of the parts.

Plainly speaking, the drum kick might sound too “electronic” to some people, especially those who’re accustomed to acoustic drums. Even though there are various presets you can use, you will have a hard time simulating an actual acoustic drum kick sound with Alesis DM6.

The last problem you might experience is purely technical in nature. Let’s put it this way – this is a beginner or kids electronic drum kit, which means that it was specifically made for youth and beginner drummers. People who didn’t get the memo might not be thrilled with its tiny construction.

How to connect Alesis DM6 to a Computer

The process of connecting your Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit to a PC is similar to connecting it to your iPhone or smartphone. Simply use the cable and link the drum module with your PC. This drum set is “class compliant”, which means you won’t need any additional software or programs to connect it.

How to update Alesis DM6 firmware

As with most electronic drum kits, you should go to the manufacturers official site for the information about the firmware web page. There you will find step-by-step instructions about downloads and updates that are needed to upgrade your DM6 firmware.

How to assemble Alesis DM6

As we’ve already mentioned the Alesis DM6 manual guide, there’s no point in going into too much detail. Every Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit comes with a special user’s manual that explains the assembly process from A to Z.

How to connect Alesis DM6 to amp

There’s a special output that allows you to connect your Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit to any amplification device. Simply use a cable (most 1/8″ cables would do, otherwise try with ¼”) to connect the DM6.

Alesis DM6 vs Alesis Nitro

Pitting these two titans is not a trivial task, but it has to be done. People who like Alesis products are often faced with a choice – Nitro or Standard DM6 USB?

Let’s face the facts, both of these electronic drum kits are great, but there are certain differences and similarities between them that make people wonder. Most of the parts are similar, as we can see in the list below:

  • The drum pads are made of rubber, three toms, 8″ in radius
  • A single dual-zone snare pad
  • Kick-pad tower and bass drum pedal
  • Three cymbals, 10″ ride, hi-hat, and crash (the crash features a choke, which is different when compared to Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit USB kit)

Furthermore, the price point category is almost the same for both of these products. Both Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit USB and Nitro belong to the “cheap” price point category. Now, for the “differences”.

The outward appearance of Alesis DM6 Nitro is more “edgy”, to say the least. The dimensions of drum parts are somewhat smaller when compared to standard Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit USB, but the difference is not of vital importance.

The real difference between the two drum kits can be seen in the module. The sound output is different, the presets do not match, and the whole “realistic-feel” matter gets even more subjective.

All things considered, the difference between these two models are apparent, but they’re not so pronounced. Anyhow, both of these models are highly valuable for the cash and they’re absolutely ideal for youth drummers.

 If you are a beginner and you are not sure if you should go with an acoustic or an electronic drum check  our buying guide for the best drum sets for beginners, you’ll find detailed reviews for each budget.


Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit is absolutely ravishing in all aspects. This electronic kid drum set excels in aesthetics and performance, it’s absolutely perfect for youth drummers, and it comes supplied with state-of-the-art technologies and top-shelf features.

Simply put, you won’t make a mistake if you choose it. We hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something new. Feedback is always welcome, don’t forget to keep playing!